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The goal of Catholic Charities is a pretty simple one.

We are going to take whatever steps are needed to take care of intergenerational poverty. That means we are going to keep building apartments until we’ve built an apartment for every homeless man and woman in Spokane. It means we are going to keep having regional offices across Eastern Washington until we tackle problems related to rural poverty. It means we are going to keep serving kids and seniors and the disabled and single moms – we are going to keep doing all those things with an eye on the future.

An eye on being able to stop the causes of poverty to begin with.


“A defining characteristic of chronically poor people is that they remain in poverty over a long period. … This intergenerational transmission of poverty can be the long term effects of poor nutrition, inadequate education and health care, few assets or a lack of opportunities.”*

Volumes of research exists that decry the myth that those living in poverty and/or experiencing homelessness are in those circumstances due to laziness or lack of motivation. Evidence substantiates an “intergenerational transmission of poverty” perpetuated by any number of circumstances including: lack of resources and opportunities for living wage employment, cycles of abuse or addiction, school drop out rates and limited opportunity for advanced education, and poor health and nutrition including lack of affordable medical and dental care.

The programs of Catholic Charities Eastern Washington offer long-term supportive services that help to break the cycle of poverty and bring hope to future generations by stabilizing lives.


*Source: Chronic Poverty Research Centre

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