Rob’s Blog ~ Gala 2017 “We Are On It!”

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On Friday May 19th, 1000 people gathered at the Catholic Charities Gala in a Show of Support for our mission to serve the poor and vulnerable in eastern Washington. The evening was filled with fun and friendship, reflection, awards, and a presentation showcasing many of the amazing individuals, businesses, schools, religious, and community partners who make the work we do possible. While 1000 attended, we felt the presence of thousands more in the room. We are so blessed by each of you and your willingness to be a part of our team!

At the Gala we celebrate the transformation of lives – the lives of our clients who are helped, of our volunteers and supporters who exemplify generosity through their giving, and of our staff who feel called to do this work day in and day out. We celebrate being able to bring hope to those who are hurting, and housing those who have experienced homelessness. But we always remember that our ultimate goal is to put ourselves out of business. We endeavor to provide programs that don’t just respond to crisis, but also ones that disrupt intergenerational poverty and provide pathways to stability that will be handed down through the generations.

Unfortunately, we all know the need is not diminishing, and my message at the Gala was this – “We are on it!” Though the issues are complex, and changes in funding and regulation create real challenges, we remain steadfast in our commitment to finding solutions and demonstrating our belief that every human being – every life – has an inherent right to dignity and hope. Our programs will work through all challenges so that we can serve with respect, compassion, collaboration, and justice. We are on it!

That “we” includes you, because without your prayers, your volunteerism, and your financial support, where would we be? We certainly wouldn’t be serving over 71,000 people each year. We wouldn’t set audacious goals like ending homelessness in our community. We do this work for our brothers and sisters in need, with you. Thank you for being a part of team Catholic Charities.

Many prayers,

Rob McCann
President & CEO Catholic Charities

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