Make a Difference!  Mentors for New Moms & Dads Needed!

Think of the men & women who were a part of your pregnancy & parenting journey. Where would you have been without them?  Who did you call to share your news about hearing your baby’s heartbeat, or when you had questions about what to do for a baby who wouldn’t stop crying?  Who was there, alongside you, through your joys, sorrows and concerns for the future? 

Here is your opportunity to be this person for a new mom or dad who may not have support. 

The Childbirth and Parenting Assistance (CAPA) Program of Catholic Charities, Spokane is searching for men & women who want to make a difference in the life of a new mom or dad by serving as a volunteer mentor.  Mentors make a 12 month commitment to spend two hours a week with the parent which whom they are matched.  Volunteers must have hands on parenting experience, have a high school education or GED, and be at least 26 years old.  Catholic Charities provides services to people of all faiths. 

“I feel as though someone from up above has shed a little light on our family and shown me that even in the darkest of hours, the kindness of strangers can light the way and make you keep on believing in yourself and others.”- Capa Mom

Join with CAPA in supporting the parents of the Spokane Community.  For more information call Ellie Toone, Doula Coordinator – 309-5250 or Carlos Alden – Fatherhood Project Coordinator 455-4966