Catholic Charities Spokane Stewardship and Accountability Pledge

Catholic Charities Spokane is committed to the highest standards
of good stewardship and accountability.
  • Annual Audit: An independent certified public accounting firm, overseen by the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors, conducts an annual audit of all Catholic Charities Spokane programs and finances.
  • Donor Intent: Funds received by Catholic Charities are carefully monitored to ensure their use complies with donor intent. 
  • Catholic Charities Spokane is a 501(c)(3) organization; funds are maintained in separate accounts and are not co-mingled with those of the Diocese of Spokane. 
  • Better Business Bureau's Philanthropic Advisory Service has reviewed Catholic Charities Spokane's policies and procedures and determined that they meet the standards of the charitable accountability.
  • Charity Navigator has given their coveted 4-star rating to Catholic Charities Spokane for sound fiscal management. This rating is given to just 12% of all charities. 
  • Non-discrimination Standards: Catholic Charities Spokane complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws regarding discrimination.