Catholic Charities Board of Directors

Karlene Arguinchona, Secretary  - Program Committee Member

Mary Helen Black (Kids Newspaper), Chairperson - Program Committee Member

Eric Byrd (Bruya and Associates, PC) - Program Committee Member

Bishop Thomas Daly

Gina Drummond (Hospice of Spokane) - Finance Committee Member

Thomas Garcia - Program Committee Member

Terry Kelly (Lee & Hayes) - Finance Committee Member

Fr Pat Kerst - Finance Committee Member

Peggy Sue Loroz - Program Committee Member

Fr Stan Malnar - Program Committee Member

Robert J. McCann (Executive Director Catholic Charities) President - Finance Committee and Program Committee Member

Skip Molitor - Finance Committee Member

Mark Murphy, Vice Chairperson - Program Committee Chairperson

Sr Judith Nilles

Steve Patterson, Treasurer - Finance Committee Chairperson

Lara Perry (Love Lila Life) - Program Committee Member

Mike Wilson - Program Committee Member

Staff: Jon Andrus (Finance Director Catholic Charities) - Finance Committee Member

 Catholic Charities CHSEW/Housing Board of Directors

Dr. Robert J. McCann
Executive Director, Catholic Charities
Finance Committee

Monique Kolonko
Associate Director of Seniors & Housing
Catholic Charities Spokane
Secretary/Board Chair, Finance Committee

Betty Bender
Community Advocate
Finance Committee

Mary Helen Black
Publisher, Kids Newspaper

Mollie Dalpae, MSW
Mid-City Concerns Executive Director

Garrick Dung
Structural Design Northwest Inc
Finance Committee

Charles J. Murphy 
Vice President of Finance
Gonzaga University
Finance Committee

Melanie Russell
Organizational Consultant

Joseph P. Smith
Associate VP of Finance
Gonzaga University
Finance Committee