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January 2014 
Pete Lockwood - 2013 Catholic Charities Staff Member of the Year:

Pete with Rob McCann, CC Exec Dir & Ed McCarron, HOC DirectorPictured left:  Pete Lockwood; Rob McCann, CC Executive Director & Ed McCarron, HOC Director

It has been said that there are no specialists at the House of Charity.  We fill in where needed and we get the job done, we all wear many hats.  Pete has carried that to the nth degree.  Not only has he worn many hats; without question he has carried the most job description titles.  He first came to HOC in 2006. He earned the title as Jose’s Crew (1).  These are men and women who help with the daily clean up at the HOC.  His next title was Residential Client (2).  These are the men who volunteer in our sleeping program.  They are the guys who do the daily cleaning, laundry and helping guys to bed each night.

While still an RC, Pete soon became our on-call and weekend Night Attendant (3), the person who works the graveyard shift where the 108 are monitored and where we need to respond to emergencies that may arise throughout the night.  There is also a fair amount of laundry and cleaning that is done at this time as well.  From there it was the full time Night Attendant (4) and Pete then moved out of the HOC on his own.  This position I guess was too boring, not enough drama for Pete and when it was decided to create a new position of a Safety Assistant (5) Pete applied and was selected.  Pete essentially became our weekend Safety Coordinator, part time in September 2011.  Unfortunately, due to budgetary cutbacks and the reduction in the AmeriCorps program, the weekend position ended but the evening position of Operations Assistant (6) opened up in the summer of 2012 and Pete seamlessly moved into that part time position working evenings.  In 2013 the Respite Program started to pick up steam and Pete was contributing a lot of the day to day operations of this new program. In March Pete began working 32 hours a week (7). The Respite Program grew from three beds to seven beds and since December, Pete has been working 40 hours a week (8).  That is a lot of status change forms. 

Pete’s dedication is unsurpassed.  He blends interpersonal skills, steadfastness, caring and compassion with all he does at the HOC.  Pete’s loyalty and dedication to the Catholic Charities is inspirational.  He has always been a big part of the upstairs sleeping program and has been instrumental in guiding the Respite Program through it early stages.  He also oversees the RC’s and does the monthly scheduling of our community volunteers. He never forgets a person and that comes in handy in a facility that sees almost 3,000 people each year.  He can fill any role we have at the HOC and he does it willingly. 

Please join us in Congratulating Pete Lockwood for a job outstandingly done!


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